Spring has arrived and the weather is great to explore island Krk on foot. The brave ones can also enjoy the sea but there is so many amazing walking trails where you can get to know beautiful and diverse places all around this fantastic island. There are 300 kilometers of marked hiking trails all around the island. Every season has something special to offer and Spring is perfect for people who like active vacation surrounded with untouched nature, clean air and a sense of peace and serenity with beautiful views.

Hiking and Walking trails on island Krk

Hiking trails can be divided into lungomare trails following the coast of the island and passing through numerous bays and easy or difficult hiking trails. Easy hiking trails are also intended for a wider circle of walkers and mostly intersect the beautiful interior of the island. Heavier hiking trails are intended exclusively for active walkers and mountaineers. The attractiveness of such trails is complex contrast of natural features like Mediterranean climate – warm Summers and mild Winters, cold land wind from the north Bura, humid south and a pleasant summer westerly Maestral. Also,on the trails you will have contact with historical and ethnographic attractions and get to know unique flora and fauna of island Krk. There are also several peculiar phenomena – for example, the Krk flora contains about 1400 species of terrestrial plants, almost half of the total flora in Croatia.

You can chose easy or more difficult trails around six cities: Krk, Punat, Malinska, Vrbnik, Dobrinj and Baška. If you would walk 4 hours a day for two weeks you could explore whole island on foot. On the highest mountain peak Obzova (570 m) you will lose the feeling that you are on an island. It is incredible that one island can offer so much diversity to enjoy untouched nature connected with cultural and historical monuments. Connected as a whole, the trails lead from one island place to another, thus enabling an interesting exploration of Krk on foot. Most hiking trails on the island of Krk can also be used as bicycle paths.

Hiking and Walking trails on island Krk

In this post we will write more information about Baška trails. Baška has so much to offer and it is known for its fantastic beaches and the most popular one – the Vela beach which is almost 2 km long. There are about 21 walking and hiking trails in Baška and we will mention some of them. The most popular ones are:


This is medium difficulty trail with Total Length of 4,0 km. Duration of walk is 1:20 hours with Altitude difference of 50 m. It is very nice trail close to the sea and beaches underneth the trail. You can find spots to relax and Kutak za Mutak bar in the woods. At the final destination you will see one of the most beautiful beaches Vrženica where the sea is crystal clear and clean. Here you can forget about all the problems in the real world and just relax in the present moment.


This promenade which is often called “Trail to the Moon” is very popular due to the spectacular view from the church of St. Ivan which is also a cemetery and on the way there are many historical remains that speak of life in this beautiful place in the past. This is medium difficulty trail with Total Length of 7,5 km. Duration of walk is 3:00 hours with Altitude difference of 461 m. On the trail there are spots with completely untouched nature and you will enjoy Mediterranean plants and its relaxing smell.


This trail is called Vaclavs Reef Path and it is difficult trail of Total Length of 16 km. Duration of walk is 6:00 hours and Altitude difference is 348 m. You start from Baška – Ljubimer and you will be able to really get to know the flora and fauna of the area. On the trail you will go to the two highest peaks Obzova and Veli Vrh. On peak of Obzova you can write your name and message in the book of all the mountaineers who conquered the top of the mountain. For this trail you need to be prepared and it is recommended to hikers with experience.

It is important to say that is getting more and more popular because of its new attraction – miraculous glass drops merged with Baška’s mrgara – in the inaccessible locality of Ljubimer. This impressive art installation arrived on the hill above Vela plaža. It is work of the famous Chilean architect of Croatian roots Smiljan Radić and Marcela Corre. It consists of two irregularly shaped glass spheres, which refract sunlight in all directions. Mrgari decorate municipal pastures (communes) in only three locations on Krk and are built of a single dry stone wall, which is why they are quite fragile and require regular maintenance by their builders. Except in the extreme south of the island of Krk and on the neighboring island of Prvić, there are such drywall structures only in Iceland and Wales.


This is very interesting trail that includes places Batomalj and Old Baška. It is demanding trail of Total length of 8 km. Duration of walk is 3:30 hours with Altitude of 350 m. Batomalj is famous for church of st. Nikola which was built in 1676. It also contains a painting that is believed to date from the 13th century and that it belonged to the church of the same name, the ruins of which are still visible at the site of Sveti Miluka south of the village. Old Baška is a village two kilometers long in the southern part of the island of Krk, along its entire length there are beaches and bays, from those sandy, rocky to those with rocks. Here are one of the most beautiful beaches on the island like Golden beach and Zala beach.


This is very nice trail which is -must to do- while you are in Baška. You will see the peak of Bag which is the most southern point of the island of Krk. On its 185 m above sea level you will be able to enjoy the unique view of Baška and Prvić. You can also swim in the Rt Škuljica. It is Medium difficulty trail of Total Length of 5 km and duration of walk is 2:00 hours. The highest point and altitude is 185 m. The starting point of the hike is Baška – Zarok- Vela plaža. The trail starts at the end of the asphalt road-Vela plaža. At the very beginning, the marked trail 1 leads over the sandstone Zarok, a gentle ascent leads us to the intersection below Veli Gradac. Along the entire trail you can enjoy a spectacular view of Baška, Vela plaža or Prvić.

Hiking and Walking trails on island Krk

In this post you can see photos from the trail on Bag so you can see how beautiful it is. In Baška there is a unity between the sea and the mountain which gives you a unique feeling of the beauty that surrounds us. In one of the following blogs we will write about some other hiking and mountaineering trails on island Krk.

Hiking and Walking trails on island Krk

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