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Golden Island

Magnificent island Krk

Golden Island

For many years the island of Krk has been a favourite tourist destination for many visitors from all over Europe and the world.The island is in many ways unique and attracts attention with its extremely rich history, culture and natural beauty. According to its latitude and position, it is located in a zone of pleasant, temperate and mild Mediterranean climate. The temperature is favorable in both winter and summer. The tourist season begins in April and ends in October. 

The islanders attract guests with their hospitality and the natural beauty is just breathtaking. In this blog we will talk about island Krk in general so if you were considering it to be your next vacation destination we hope after reading this text you will say YES to this amazing island. Furthermore, you will give the islanders the opportunity to welcome you with their warm Croatian hearts and diversity of great food. Last but not the least, you will enjoy so many beautiful beaches, rich cultural and historic monuments and different kinds of entertainment and sports events.

krk city

City of Krk – photo by Fotoklub Krk

Island Krk is called Golden island – Insula Aurea

What do you think why?

 Well, there are numerous reasons for that. Believe us – it really is golden. It is no wonder that the largest Croatian island has been inhabited since ancient times and remains can be found dating back 10,000 years BC. Through such a long history, many various nationalities have lived here. Even in the past people recognized all the possibilities that the island offers. 

The name of the island can be found in the records of ancient writers in several variants with common root that comes from the Illyrian name Kurik. The Romans called it Curicum. Splendidissima civitas Curictarum ( Shining town of people of Krk) can be found on one tombstone and today is kept in the lapidary of city of Krk.

Through such a long history, the island has had its ups and downs, but with the development of tourism, it shone in its true splendor, which still shines today. Tourism began to develop at the end of the last century with the arrival of the Czechs, who recognized Krk as an excellent place for health tourism due to its natural beauty and clean air.

Tourism began to develop in the largest centers: Krk, Baška, Malinska, Punat, Vrbnik and Omišalj and today holiday homes/rental apartments  have been built in every small village.

Returning guests come to the island because of the diversity of everything that the island has to offer – beautiful nature, amazing local food and specialites, rich cultural heritage, various summer events and all kinds of possibilites for active tourism.

200 KM
5,9 milion

Great geo-traffic position

Bridge to the mainland – Airport – Ferry to other islands – Boat Marina

Krk is an island in the northern Adriatic known for its natural beauty, among which are beautiful beaches and rich history and cultural monuments. With an area of ​​about 410 km2, it is the largest Croatian island, and is also one of the high Adriatic islands with the highest peak Obzova (569 m). It is connected to the mainland by a bridge and its excellent geo-traffic position makes it very interesting for tourists, especially guests from Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia and others. 

Due to its excellent geo-traffic position, the island of Krk has an advantage over some islands in the southern parts of Croatia. As we mentioned it is connected by a bridge to the mainland. The bridge is magnificent building that consists of two ports, one of which departs from the mainland towards the island of St. Mark, and the other from it to the island of Krk. Due to the exceptional significance of the island of Krk in history it was very clear that the island should be connected to the mainland. After long and comprehensive preparations in 1976, the construction of this grandiose facility began.

Except the bridge the island has international airport and is connected by ferry lines with island Cres and island Rab. There is also fantastic Boat Marina in Punat which is the biggest marina in Croatia.

Krk bridge – photo by dronephotos_dado

Island Krk – Gastronomy destination

Ideal island for all food lovers

Gastronomy  – photos  by Enjoyislandkrk team eating :)

Most people today on vacation want to eat homemade domestic food and taste the flavors specific to the country they are visiting. Croatia in general offers a great gastronomic offer and Krk is no exception. So many restaurants on the island on their menus offer dishes that are authentic. Food is often made with homemade olive oil and spectacular spices with the scent of the Mediterranean that you will feel long after you leave Croatia. These are rosemary, thyme, laurel, basil and other. 

In almost every restaurant you can order cold appetizers with fantastic cheese and prosciutto with olives or figs. As hot appetizer the most popular is šurlice – homemade pasta which is one of the gastronomic trademarks of the island of Krk. This piece of dough, created by shaping around a knitting needle, has become an unavoidable part of every festive meal, celebration and special occasion. We can not forget to mention that every meal you can round with a drop of good wine or homemade brandy called “rakija”.

Vineyards are grown all over the island, especially in Vrbnik where Žlahtina wine  is cultivated. This wine can be found on all wine lists of restaurants or bars. People are engaged in sheep breeding and Krk lamb because of its taste is well known not only on island. Legend sais that Emperor Neron was ordering Krk lamb for his feasts. Islanders have been fishing for thousands of years and still today, of course. On island  you can always visit  fish market and prepare fresh fish by yourself or go to a restaurant and order some of the specialties offered by various restaurants around the island.

Various seafood specialties such as fish, shrimp, octopus or shellfish can also be found on the menus. Every place on the island is known for its specialty and organizes various gastronomic events from April until October. Both foreign and domestic tourists can visit the island and enjoy the days of wine, figs, homemade pasta, asparagus, lamb or cheese. If you like seafood and dometic food products you will not make a mistake if you come to island Krk. There are no words that can explain the hedonism you can feel while sitting in a restaurant by the sea you enjoy domestic food and sipping a glass of fantastic wine. Bon appétit!

Island Krk – manifestations and events

Traditional events – Folklore – Concerts – Harmony singing

In addition to gastronomic events on the island during the summer months, various entertainment events are held in which tourists can get acquainted with the fun history customs of the island of Krk. Centuries-old customs are still preserved in some parts of the island. These are real traditional festivals that are held mainly from Spring to Autumn. All of them are almost always related to some church holidays or  to the patrons of the villages.

There are various traditional festivals such as Ivanje in Vrbnik, Stipanje in Dobrinj, Lovrečeva in Krk and other.  During summer months different cities on the island organize specific entertainment, sports and music program. The only thing you have to do is choose where you want to go :)

In some places, during these events, young men and women dance in traditional costumes to the sound of traditional instruments such as well known old instrument “sopile”. Sopile (in Istria something similar is called roženice) is an old instrument similar to today’s oboe. Today, this instrument with very penetrating sound and very interesting features is preserved in the Kvarner, Kastav, Vinodol and the island of Krk.

Every summer city Omišalj revives the spirit of ancient Roman times with an already traditional ancient dinner. Ancient evenings are one of the most recognizable events in this place and there you can enjoy gastronomy. This cultural event takes visitors back to ancient times of Romans. The ancient atmosphere is made by original music, gladiators, street entertainers, torchlight and other. It is really something worth to see!

If you decide to come to island Krk in any tourist office you can find calendar of events, concerts or other manifestations in every city or village on the island. From April till October there will be planty of happenings where you can feel the heart of the island with such a rich history.  For a moment you can be there – in some older times, feeling the vibrant life of islanders in the past.

Island Krk
Island Krk manifestations – photos by Fotoklubkrk

Island Krk – rich history and culture

Pitoresque old towns – Castles – Museums- Monuments – Churches

Photos by Fotoklubkrk

The island of Krk is of special importance for the entire Croatian cultural history due to its Glagolitic tradition and the Bašćanska ploča – one of the most important Glagolitic monuments. In a beautiful green valley are towns Draga Bašćanska, Jurandvor, Batomalj and Baška. One of these places is famous for the discovery of a stone tablet with a Glagolitic text in the small church of St. Lucia. It turned out that this is one of the most significant records in the Croatian (Old Croatian) language, which turned Jurandvor into one of the most important places of Croatian culture and literacy. Today you can visit the museum, and if you are already nearby, there is Sanctuary of Lady of Gorička which is also worth a visit.

There are also many churches, sacral buildings and castles. Furthermore, there are monasteries  and remains of basilicas from which we can read the rich history of the island. Tourists can visit various exhibitions, walk through the walls of the old town or visit historical museums.

It is worth to mention the islet of Košljun, located between Punat and Krk. It is a unique cultural and historical place that you should definitely visit if you are on the island. There is a Franciscan monastery where monks have collected various sacral objects and valuables for centuries and preserved them to this day. Here you can find a numismatic collection that, in addition to old coins, also contains coins from all over the world. There is a legend about an islet according to which there was no sea in the bay but a field of brothers, one of whom was blind. They worked the land together, but in the end the blind brother was deceived. This provoked the wrath of God who flooded the field with the sea and only the possession and land of the blind brother remained. On the islet there are no restaurants or bars and swimming is also not allowed.  You can come to the islet by taxi boat from Punat.

While on island Krk be sure to visit the City of Krk where the Frankopan Castle is located. Once it was an important fortification in the function of defending the city. There is also the Krk Cathedral. This early Christian basilica was built in the  V. century on the site of a Roman baths.  In addition to all of mentioned above this city provieds so much more so we will stop here and write about this more detailed in some other blog :) 

It is amazing that one island has such a rich history and even if you do not like to visit churches and see historic buildings you will have the opportunity to drink coffee or sip a glass of good wine in the old town or castle surrounded by the hustle and bustle of exciting events and daily life during the tourist season. 

Island Krk – active tourism

Walking trails – Bike routs – Diving – Sailing

Apart from the rich gastronomic offer, cultural and historical monuments, various manifestations and events that celebrate tradition and historical heritage fans of active tourism have planty to do on the island. The island of Krk has countless hiking and biking trails that can be enjoyed by hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts. You can find more information about some hiking and walking trails on our other blog

On the island you can rent a speedboat with or without skipper. It gives you an opportunity to explore all the surrounding islands and islets or swim in hidden coves and beaches. Whole Kvarners Gulf is really amazing. Also, each city has a taxi boats with whichyou can spoil yourself with a day trip to a more distant and stunning beachs available only with boats.

Lately, more and more tourists are also involved in free climbing. There is also nautical tourism and underwater entusiast can enjoy diving. The goal of the islanders is to extend the tourist season, and accordingly, various events in April and October can be found, such as the already traditional bicycle races. There is also pilgrimage route Camino Krk. Tourists can also enjoy all the sea sports whose offer is getting richer every summer. You name it – Island Krk has it!

Baška – photo by dronephotos_dado

We came to the end of this blog – it was so difficult to choose what to write in general about this magnificent island. There is so much to write about. Anyways, we will have more blogs where you will find more specific information about all of the things you read in this blog. A special thanks to dronephotos_dado and Foto Klub Krk for amazing photos.

If you are searching for accommodation in the center of Baška or City of Krk feel free to contact us. We offer fantastic 4 * and 3*  apartments in the center of two cities.  Also, we provide rent a boat services and some other cool stuff. Looking forward of welcoming you!

Your EnjoyIslandKrk Team


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